Host the Exhibit

This traveling exhibit is appropriate for a variety of organizations and spaces including churches, religious organizations, schools, community centers, libraries and museums.


Size – 100 linear feet

Rental fee – Determined on a sliding scale based on host venue capacity

$500 for 1-3 month booking:

Religious-affiliated organizations
K-12 schools

$1,500 for 1-3 month booking:


Additional fees may be incurred by the host venues for installation and deinstallation. Shipping costs will be paid by host venues, regardless of other criteria.Contact for more details.

Environmental RequirementsLimited

Insurance requirements – The exhibit is insured door to door. For general liability, host venues are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance.

Installation details – The exhibit includes 35 sintra photo/text panels of various sizes that can be mounted to walls using velcro. Installation/deinstallation staffing can be hired at an additional cost. Two DVDs are included and will require monitors for viewing.

Shipping – Shipping will be coordinated by a professional exhibition organization, Exhibit Envoy. Shipping costs are paid for by the host venue.This may include inbound and outbound costs unless there is a venue following yours, then you pay inbound only.



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