Exhibition Security & Environmental Requirements

Limited Security

Exhibit hosts are required to have limited levels of security and environmental controls. Security levels apply to both display areas and crate storage areas.

All host venues must supply a floor plan showing where the Exhibition will be displayed and where the crates will be stored. A facility walk through may be required.

The following conditions must be met to display the exhibition:


  • Exhibition may be installed in a gallery, classroom, lobby, or other room with ongoing and/or periodic (recommended hourly) supervision by staff or volunteers.
  • The display areas must be locked and secured during closed hours.
  • Fire protection must be in place according to local ordinances.

 Environmental Controls

  •  Standard levels are 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and 45 to 55 percent relative humidity.
  •  Direct sunlight should be diffused or eliminated to prevent the fading of exhibition.
  •  Exhibition must be placed away from the convection flow of any heating device, contact with excessive moisture, or any other potentially damaging condition.
  •  Exhibition crates must be stored in a dry, pest free environment.


The Exhibition is insured door to door. For general liability, host venues are required to provide Certificate of Insurance.


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